Obedience isn't pointless

3 Truths to Believe Your Obedience Isn’t Pointless

I had the privilege to write for Melanie Redd, and I’m excited to share the article with you today! Melanie manages a beautiful website aimed to spread God’s truth and encouragement through her words and free resources. I’m honored to be featured with her, and I hope you follow the link at the end of this snippet to finish reading the article on her site!

Do you ever question why God has asked something of you? Maybe it’s your job, maybe it’s the daily tasks of watching toddlers, or maybe it’s that friendship where you keep giving but never really receive anything in return.

It’s easy to say quickly, “I know God placed me here. I know I’m obeying Him.” But how many of us actually believe our obedience makes a difference? Even if we truly believe those words we speak, do we truly believe our obedience means anything?

There are too many days to count when I feel this way. I may not question that God has asked this job and life situation of me. But I most definitely question if it even matters. And that feels rather discouraging.

I recently studied the little book of Haggai, one of the minor prophets in the Bible. God blew me away with truths surrounding what obedience actually means and why my mundane obedience brings Him glory. I remember staring at these two, short chapters that make up Haggai, wonder in my spirit causing excitement to overwhelm me.

And I knew I couldn’t keep these lessons to myself. If similar discouraging thoughts attack the truth in your heart, these words from Haggai can serve as a beautiful reminder about what God thinks of your obedience.

God Makes Your Obedience Glorious

Culture and our own desires push us toward extraordinary actions. Even when it comes to our faith and obedience. If we’re not accomplishing as much as that missionary, if we don’t serve as much as that other mom, if we don’t participate in multiple weekly church activities — then we fail. 

Somehow we’ve trained our spirits into believing our acts of obedience must look glorious. So when we look at the work of our hands — even if we know this work came from God’s prompting — we see it as nothing compared to what others accomplish.

The returned exiles in Haggai felt the same way. They began rebuilding God’s temple only for the work of their hands to pale in comparison to the glorious first temple Solomon built. But when God spoke to them about their obedience, He didn’t criticize them. He didn’t laugh at how pathetic their work looked.No, He told them He would make this temple more glorious than the first (Haggai 2:1-9).

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