Mundane Obedience: Discovering God’s glory in our daily obedience


Don’t waste another minute wondering how your obedience brings God glory! This three-week Bible study takes you through the book of Haggai, challenging you to believe the truth that God loves your everyday obedience! PLUS enjoy the freebies that go along with the study to help you apply what you learn!



God, does my mundane obedience make any difference? Do these ordinary ways of serving You actually bring You glory?

I don’t know how else I’m supposed to obey and serve You, God. Please don’t ask me to add another thing to my plate…

Familiar questions and thoughts? Do you ever wonder if what you’re doing right now is obedience? Do you question if you even know what it means to obey God in your routine or at all? Dear friend, you are not the only one to wonder and question, to feed your doubts and fears. For even when we know our daily actions move in obedience, we see the mundane results and wonder how God desires those results. How could our God find glory in this meager gift?

Travel with me for three weeks through the chapters of Haggai where we will discover a message about God’s glory in the midst of obedience. This little book of Haggai holds great value for us — ordinary women living in the 21st century — as we learn the beauty of obeying God first in our hearts, then in our motives and finally in our actions.

While I cannot tell you the specifics of how you should obey God in your own life right now, I can show you a roadmap in Haggai so a better understanding of obeying God in the mundane flourishes in your hearts.

Join me in discovering God’s faithfulness as He brings glory to every act of your mundane obedience. PLUS enjoy the freebies that go along with the study to help you apply what you learn!

What you’ll receive:

The physical study, bookmark and prayer cards in the mail. Usually ships within two business days of purchase.

ALSO: An email with the link to a zipped file that includes the PDF version of the study and the PDF devotional, “7 Days to Discovering God’s Glory in Daily Obedience.”

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