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Unearthing Everyday Faith Online Resources

Your Online Resources for This Month of Walking in Light!


Devotional Articles

Start each week off this month by reading these Christmas devotional articles!

Week 1: The Presents are Opened. Now What?

Week 2: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Dark, Winter Days

Week 3: 3 Ways Your Faith Can be Your Sight

Week 4: 3 Ways to Find Encouragement from Heaven Throughout Your Day

Bonus Tools

Want some additional tools for walking in light this season? Check out these extras!

Glorifying God in Darkness Worksheet: Use this worksheet to help you pray through any areas of darkness in your life right now and glorify God through it all.

My Memorize Light Scripture Plan: Memorize Scripture this month to help you get through a season of darkness! Use this worksheet to not just memorize, but to provide yourself with context and prayer!

PDF Downloads

Want your subscription box items on your device? Download the items below and have them anywhere for your convenience!

Walking in Light Devotional

Light Prayer Prompts

Fighting Winter Blues Tool


Blue Letter Bible App: This app is great if you want to go beyond the “ordinary” Bible reading and dig a bit deeper in the midst of your Bible time.

Be Held: Lullabies for the Beloved by Christy Nockels: This album was originally created as lullabies for little ones, but it is so peaceful and encouraging, and I love listening to it!

And now to reveal next month’s theme!

Unearthing Everyday Faith through …

Ordinary Moments

This next month’s theme will focus on how to take your ordinary moments and glorify God in the midst of them. It’s easy to say we know our ordinary holds purpose, but do we actually glorify God through our ordinary? These resources will help us learn how God does not look at our ordinary as pointless or a waste of time!

In next month’s box, you’ll receive:

  1. A one-week devotional all about taking ordinary moments from the life of Jesus and learning about the extraordinary in the midst of them. While we obviously know we’re not the perfect Son of God, we can learn from these ordinary moments and apply them to our own everyday!

  2. Purposeful moment cards that provide you with space to write out why an ordinary moment holds purpose. You can place them around your house or places where you experience ordinary moments each day to remind yourself of God’s truth!

  3. 14 ordinary prayers to provide you with short, focused ways to turn your eyes toward the glory of God in the midst of your everyday.

  4. Your item to enjoy? That’s staying a surprise for you to enjoy when you open up your box!

  5. Plus, of course, your online resources for the month!


Happy unearthing friend, and I’ll talk to you next month!