You have a story to tell.

And I’m here to help.

Your story matters. Your words carry weight.

It’s time to impact others and make a difference.

This is for the one who has a story to tell but doesn’t quite know how. For the one who already has a story written but knows improvements can be made. For the one with a blog, a business, or a personal website and spends simply too much time on the writing side of things. For the one looking to improve upon writing skills but doesn’t know where to start. I’m here for you! 

My job is to not just edit your work or write copy for you. Rather, I desire to ensure your vision is cast, your story told, in a way that captivates your audience and causes them to take action.

I believe everyone has a story to tell. And I’m here to help you find the right words to share with your audience.

Ready to conquer your writing projects, exceed your storytelling goals and put your focus back on your brilliant business?

Why Hire a Writer or an Editor?

Maybe you’re a business owner, a blogger, a ministry….

You need promotional material, website “About” pages, blog articles. Whether or not you have the time to write those pieces yourself, every writer needs an editor. And chances are, if you’re running your business, you don’t have much time to write extra copy for that growing website presence.

Here are just a few reasons you need to hire a writer:

  1. A writer can get the job done quickly: It’s difficult enough getting everything done on your to-do list, but adding writing copy is the last thing you need. Hiring a writer means you get your copy written quickly and efficiently. No more hurrying through writing something just to get it done.
  2. A writer is trained: When you hire a writer, you’re hiring someone who has trained skills to get the job done. There won’t be as much time spent on rewriting and editing when you hire someone who writes for a living. And, if writing isn’t your forte, you know you’re getting a higher quality of work than if you did it yourself.
  3. A writer can help you target your readers: Writers are trained to provide copy that will catch the eye of the intended reader. When you hire a writer, she can help you create content that will intrigue your audience to want to know more and/or inform them of your message in an easily-understood way.
  4. A writer can help you look more professional: It’s easy to spot copy that’s not written well, even for the untrained eye. When you hire a professional writer, she can ensure your copy will avoid cliches and prove effective for your message. She can also avoid mistakes that might deter people from reading more.
  5. A writer can help you communicate beyond writing: Creating copy isn’t just about writing on your website or blog. A writer can help guide you to different mediums of sharing your content. She can point out what works best on different social media channels or how to communicate with different forms of either printed or online content.

Here are just a few reasons you need to hire a editor:

  1. An editor proves objective: You are emotionally connected to your work. Regardless of how you feel about what you wrote, it’s hard to critique your own work objectively. Even friends or family may be hesitant to edit honestly. An editor won’t be shy to ensure you end up with the best work possible.
  2. An editor is trained: When you hire an editor, you’re hiring someone who has trained eyes and skills to get the job done. And an editor can most likely edit your work faster and more thoroughly than you can yourself.
  3. You grow as a writer/content developer: It won’t happen overnight, but hiring an editor helps you grow your own skills. As you read through edits or talk them over with your editor, you learn what to do next time, and your brain starts to get the hang of what makes a great product.
  4. An editor has fresh eyes: When you hire an editor, she can reveal to you things about your writing you may not have even realized. This includes not just grammar mistakes, but also how to improve what you want to accomplish through your writing, how to show and not tell through words and how to write to your audience.
  5. You’ll make a better impression: Every writer needs an editor, and when you don’t have someone checking your work, it shows. An editor helps to polish your work from good to great, and that won’t go unnoticed. When you hire an editor, your writing will make a better impression on your audience. Your readers will take you more seriously and desire to read and/or learn more.

Ready to hire that professional and create content that will leave your audience excited for more? Here’s what I can do for you…


You need to be able to count on the pen-wielding creative helping you with your content. Here’s what my expertise can do for you:

  • Write articles for your website or publication.
  • Create content for you from my own research or from interviews.
  • Write promotional materials for your business or even your social media platforms.
  • Basically anything you need written, I can do for you!


You’ve got the whole writing thing down, but every writer needs an editor. Here’s what my editing pen can do for you:

  • Copy edits to clean up any grammar mistakes that might have slipped through the cracks.
  • Content edits to help your words flow better, sound stronger and read clearer.
  • Phone consultations to walk you through some pointers and reveal ways your writing can improve.
  • Again, basically anything you need edited, I can do for you!

Hear it from them…

Emily Brown

Marriage and family therapist

“Emily was wonderful to work with. She provided me with editing services as well as assisting me with starting my blog. She was timely in her editing work and provided excellent feedback that helped my story come to life. Emily is confident in her editing work and was able to direct me in my writing without hesitancy. If an editing need comes up again, I will definitely be using Emily and would strongly recommend her to anyone else.”

Amy Hornbuckle

Children’s Ministry Director

“I have used Emily for editing and her work far exceeded my expectations. She is so wonderful to work with- diligent, timely, and willing to help out in any way she can. I will be using her for future editing needs 100%.”

Laurie Pallotta

former editor-in-chief at Shattered Media

“I cannot recommend Emily highly enough. Through the years, her contributions to our publications at Shattered Media, Inc. have been gifts to this editor. I always know her submissions will arrive ready to go, which allows us to publish stories quickly. She also has a fantastic ability to find stories that end up being perfect for our publications. She requires no supervision and very little guidance, which is refreshing.”

Prices and Packages

Free 30-minute consultation about your project.

Minimum Charge of One Hour

Basic Copy Edits: $50/hr

Content Edits: $75/hr

Edit Review Meetings: $40/hr

Writing: $60/hr

Contact me about your project!

Let’s start talking about your writing and editing needs! Fill out the form, or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!