Everyday Faith Growth Box

Resources to discover God’s joy in your everyday moments!

Everyday Faith Growth Box

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Ready to start experiencing joy in your everyday? (Or provide a gift of joy for a loved one!)

The daily purpose package

The Daily Purpose Package

Don’t just believe you have a purpose: learn how to live each day in that purpose! This box will help you focus first on God Himself as you desire to learn more about your daily purpose. Grow first in your relationship with Him, then learn how to pay attention to how He shows up in your daily life. This box will guide you in this growth so that you will understand and live each day fully in God’s purpose for you!

Finding Contentment Package

The Finding Contentment Package

We know we love Jesus and want to live daily for Him, yet we struggle in the midst of the everyday routine knowing how to do that in a way that brings joy and contentment. This box will help you cleanse out the lies you’re believing about your daily life, knowing even in the busy you can seek after God and pursue a daily life of thanksgiving. Only in Jesus are we content!

Rekindled Package

The Rekindled Faith Package

What happens when you simply don’t feel like seeking God daily? This box is going to help you rekindle your fire for Jesus during those seasons when it feels like the flame is small and unattended. We’ll look at the ordinary ways to rekindle our joy for Jesus in the daily grind in a way that won’t produce guilt for those dry seasons. We know we want to seek Jesus, but sometimes we need a bit of help poking and prodding at that flame to get it roaring again!

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How it Works

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Start experiencing joy in your everyday with your box and online resources!

Do you ever look at your everyday and desire joy?

You know God works in your life, but you struggle to see how. And you fight to understand why He has you here, in the ordinary.

It’s time to invite God’s glory into the mundane, because there we will see glimpses of Him working. And we will begin more and more to have joy in the everyday!

Everyday Faith Growth Box helps you discover God’s hope and purpose for your life through devotionals, prayer cards, and application activities so you can find joy in your everyday.

Take a look at the video below for a sneak peek of how.

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See What’s Inside Each Box!

Everyday Faith Journal

I’ve created a beautiful yet simple guided three-month journal. The beginning of this journal provides an area for those big, long-lasting heart prayers as well as a place for you to write out where you want to see more of God in the midst of your ordinary. Each week provides thought-provoking questions and a memory verse space.

Everyday Devotionals

These concise yet powerful weekly devotionals grow your daily faith through Scripture to read, reflection spaces and prayers all surrounding the monthly theme.

This tool forms the foundation of learning how to see God daily — first by prayer and Scripture to get to know Him better.

Everyday Prayer Cards

Learn how to pray through your ordinary moments with these prayer cards. It’s time to stop believing we shouldn’t pray about the mundane!

This tool guides you through simple prayers and focused Scripture to help you think about and pray through your everyday so the ordinary slowly becomes a gift to your heart.

Everyday Application Tools

I’ve ensured these memorable tools stand out in your everyday by designing them on creative and diverse items. You can receive beautiful nature cards, a notepad for your Bible time, a calendar for your desk —  each package is different and effective for helping you put these tips into practice!

This tool enables you to actually live out what you’re learning about God in your ordinary!

Everyday Bonuses!

Want more? You’ll find a QR code in your box that leads you to a webpage filled with online resources! You’ll find devotional articles, bonus tips and tools, and your box in PDF form!

What Others Are Saying

Got Questions?

Women of all ages desiring to experience more joy in her everyday routine! I have had women in their 20’s all the way through their 60’s use my resources and glean encouragement!

Each box contains three month’s worth of helpful tools for you. These elements include: three, one-week devotionals, three tools for you to apply what you’re learning throughout your day, and three sets of seven prayer cards. Each box also contains a three-month journal, a pen and a wooden card holder! You’ll also find a QR code to access bonus online items!

You will receive a physical box in the mail containing the three months of elements from your purchase. In the box, you will receive a QR code for you to scan that will direct you to a webpage containing your online elements of your purchase.

Absolutely! I have received many, many orders for women sending these boxes as gifts. And I have heard back from them that the recipients of those gifts loved it!

No, unfortunately at this time shipping within the United States is the only option. If you would like to purchase a PDF box for only $30, learn more here!

I ship your box no more than three business days after you purchase. Shipping times vary, but normally you will receive your box within a week of the shipping date.

Everyday Faith Box

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