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No Need to Fear


Psalm 27:1

The LORD is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?
Psalm 27:1

King David had great reason to fear. While it’s uncertain exactly when David wrote this Psalm, one could choose nearly any season of David’s life and fit this song within it. David nearly always had a reason to fear.

Without downplaying any of our own fears, we must put into perspective the depth of David’s fears. This was a man on the run for his life. He dodged a flying spear meant for his heart. He hid in caves. He escaped through a window in his own house. He fled from his son. He fought dozens of battles. He approached a giant with but a sling and a few stones.

Yes, he had reason to quake with fear nearly every single day. Yet where do we see him turn in the midst of his fear?

The LORD, his light and his salvation. 

How easy it would have been to play the victim and wallow in despair! We all would have understood if his anger at God and those who sought his life would have caused him to either sink into the deepest, darkest depressions or create a hateful vengeance within him.

But he chose his light. He chose the LORD.

David understood with his mind and believed in his heart that God was his light and salvation. Nothing on this earth could cause him to fear, because nothing on this earth could separate him from God. Nothing on this earth could plunge him into utter darkness. 

A life that from the outside perspective looked darker than any we can imagine, David was actually filled with light. He was not living in darkness. For He had seen a great light, and he basked in it. He lived in it. When it would have been easier to give into the darkness, He chose to remain in the light.

He also understood with his mind and believed in his heart that the LORD was the stronghold of his life, therefore there was no man who could incite his heart with fear. Not a single person on Earth — not even the ones literally hunting him as if he were an animal to slaughter — could shake David’s trust in God’s strength.

This mighty warrior had already proved his physical strength. He won many, many battles, revealing to us how he must have been strong, quick and powerful. Scripture tells us he was attractive, which one can assume includes he was well built in stature. Yet David did not rely on his own strength. He didn’t even hint at that here.

David understood he must rely on the LORD’s strength, for He is the one who lifts us up, who enables us to stand against the enemy. 

With God as David’s light, his salvation and his strength, David had nothing to fear.

We know from Scripture how often David did not live out these words he prayed. Which is a wonderful reminder that yes, this prayer is one that might feel completely out of reach for our mundane lives, but David continually came back to God with each sin he committed. There was no moment when all was lost. He never threw up his hands and said it was pointless to continue.

If you need a reminder today that you have no need to fear, then follow David’s example of choosing to trust in your Light and salvation. Praise God for who He is, how He protects you, and how nothing in the universe can plunge you into darkness, for your soul is always secure in the light of your Savior.

Reflection Questions

  • What do we learn about God from this passage?
  • Why was it possible for David to not fear?
  • How will you find joy in your everyday through what you’ve learned in this passage?
Psalm 27:1 No Need to Fear The Everyday Faith Company

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