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Your Online Resources for This Month of Extending the Invitation


Devotional Articles

Start each week off this month by reading these devotional articles on inviting God into your everyday.

Week 1: 3 Ways to Invite God Into Your Autumn Season

Week 2: Why You Should Open Your Home this Fall Even if it’s a Mess

Week 3: Advice for How to be More Intentional With God Throughout Your Day

Week 4: How to Reveal and Conquer Misplaced Priorities

Bonus Tools

Need some additional resources when it comes to inviting God into your everyday? Here are tools to help you put into practice what it looks like to extend the invitation.

Extending an Invitation Worksheet: Use this tool to help you figure out where your heart is and where your actions are when it comes to inviting God into your daily life.

Inviting God in Checklist: Answer these questions to remind yourself about inviting God into your everyday.

PDF Downloads

Want your subscription box items on your device? Download the items below and have them anywhere for your convenience!

The Invitation Devotional

Invitation Prayer Cards

Inviting God In Calendar


I wanted to share with you some of my favorite resources for those moments of inviting God into my everyday!

In the Word Bible Study Journal — This has really helped me start my day off in deep Bible study, inviting God into my day at the start!

Matthew Henry Commentary — His commentaries help me put God’s Word into the perspective of daily living!

And now to reveal next month’s theme!

Unearthing Everyday Faith through …

The Basics of Giving Thanks

This next month’s theme will focus on the basics of giving thanks — what giving thanks looks like beyond the stereotypes of the Thanksgiving season. As we take a deeper look into what giving thanks means on a daily level, my prayer is that God will open our eyes to how much we have to be thankful for in all areas of life. But not just in regards to the physical things. We’ll also look at what it means to give thanks for the spiritual things, too!

In next month’s box, you’ll receive:

  1. A one-week devotional using the Lord’s prayer from Matthew 6 to reveal what it means to give thanks on a deeper level beyond “I’m thankful for family.” While we truly do have wonderful things to be thankful for, this devotional will help us look at giving thanks from a Scriptural level, beyond the normal things we usually say we’re thankful for.

  2. A set of magnets that each contain a category and three sub-categories, all aimed at helping you think through and pray about what you have to be thankful for in regards to each category listed.

  3. Scripture prayer cards with 14 different reasons to give thanks, and Scripture for you to pray through about each reason.

  4. Your item to enjoy? That’s staying a surprise for you to enjoy when you open up your box!

  5. Plus, of course, your online resources for the month!


Happy unearthing friend, and I’ll talk to you next month!