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This Month’s Theme: Rekindling the Flame

Hi, friend! Welcome to this month’s unearthing everyday faith theme of Rekindling the Flame. To get started, watch the video below on why I chose this theme and what I’m praying we all unearth this month!


Your Online Resources!


Devotional Articles

Start each week off this month by reading these devotional articles on getting rid of distractions and having eyes to see Jesus daily.

Week 1: Three Steps to Walk Out of Your Comfort Zone

Week 2: I’m Addicted, But It’s Normal

Week 3: If Trees Could Talk

Week 4: Are You Bored?

Bonus Tools

Need some help with brainstorming why your faith needs rekindling and something to help you move forward? Here are two tools!

Comfort Zone Tool: Use this tool to pray and process through where you need to step out of your comfort zone in order to rekindle your faith and love for Jesus in a new way!

Rekindled Declaration: When you feel ready to make a change to your routine in order to rekindle your faith, write out your declaration here!

PDF Downloads

Want your subscription box items on your device? Download the items below and have them anywhere for your convenience!

Rekindled Devotional

Joy Prayer Cards

Choosing Joy Cards

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I wanted to share with you some of my favorite resources for those moments when I need some help with rekindling my faith!

Desiring God Blog

Truth for Life Alistair Begg Sermons

Unseen by Sara Hagerty

The Bible Knowledge Commentary

And now to reveal next month’s theme!

Unearthing Everyday Faith through …

Daily Obedience

This next month’s theme will focus on the importance of daily obedience. While that sounds like a simple topic, it’s far too easy to get caught up in doing our thing on our timeline in our own way. We forget God has a purpose for us each and every day. This month will help us remember to seek God in obedience daily, providing us with eyes to see glimpses of God’s glory as we walk in obedience.

In next month’s box, you’ll receive:

  1. A one-week devotional written to help you think through different areas of obedience based on how people in the Bible either obeyed or disobeyed. Each day has one simple reflection area for you to pray through what daily obedience looks like in your everyday.

  2. Notepad for your Bible time that has questions about obedience, helping you focus on daily obedience during your time with Jesus each day.

  3. Obedience prayer prompts that simply give you a topic to pray about, allowing you the space to use your own words as you pray about daily obedience!

  4. Your item to enjoy? That’s staying a surprise for you to enjoy when you open up your box!

  5. Plus, of course, your online resources for the month!


Happy unearthing friend, and I’ll talk to you next month!