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Your Online Resources for This Month of Ordinary Moments!


Devotional Articles

Start each week off this month by reading these devotional articles!

Week 1: Accepting Ordinary

Week 2: My Ordinary Testimony

Week 3: 3 Ways I Found Extraordinary Moments in Ordinary Days

Week 4: I’m Not Pretty Enough but Neither was Jesus

Bonus Tools

Want some additional tools for your ordinary moments? Check out these extras!

Tips for Your Mundane: Use these tips for the days when you feel mundane and ordinary to encourage you and point you to Jesus.

Scripture and Prayer Prompt Images: Use these beautiful Scripture images and prayer prompts to remind you throughout your day to focus on Jesus in all things!

PDF Downloads

Want your subscription box items on your device? Download the items below and have them anywhere for your convenience!

Ordinary Moments with Jesus Devotional

Ordinary Prayers

Purposeful Moments Cards Tool


Messy Beautiful Friendship: This book is a wonderful read (or listen for free using your library app!) all about something we might think of as ordinary yet is actually quite extraordinary: friendship!

To Unearth Shop: I have lots of resources on my shop for you to check out and use to find joy in your ordinary!