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Unearthing Everyday Faith Online Resources

Your Online Resources for This Month of Praying Advent Praise!


Devotional Articles

Start each week off this month by reading these Christmas devotional articles!

Week 1: Let’s Stop Taking the Christmas Season for Granted

Week 2: Believing God’s Miracles for Our Lives

Week 3: 3 Ways to Grow Beyond the Stereotypical Christmas Bible Verses

Week 4: What is Christmas Spirit?

Bonus Tools

Want some additional tools for praying praise this season? Check out these extras!

Praying Praise List: Use this list to focus on different areas of the season you can pray about to help you focus on Christ.

3 Christmas Reminders: Here are three simple reminders to help keep you on track with your faith focus this month! Read these and remind yourself as often as you need to about where your focus should be.

PDF Downloads

Want your subscription box items on your device? Download the items below and have them anywhere for your convenience!

Praying Praise with Mary Devotional

Praying Praise Prayer Cards

Mary’s Song Gift Tool


This month you’ll find a link to my December devotional, focused on 31 days of reading and praying through Scripture that goes beyond the stereotypical “Christmas” Bible verses! Check out the package you can purchase through the link below!

The Word Became Flesh: A December Daily Devotional

And now to reveal next month’s theme!

Unearthing Everyday Faith through …

Walking in Light

This next month’s theme will focus on how to see God’s light in the dark of winter. I don’t know about you, but I struggle in the dark seasons. I was so excited to create these resources for you to focus on the light of Jesus no matter how dark your season feels in the midst of your winter routine!

In next month’s box, you’ll receive:

  1. A one-week devotional all about trusting in Jesus as your light in the dark of winter (or the dark of whatever season you are walking through). Study seven different Scriptures that will point you toward the light of Jesus each and every day!

  2. A tip tracker for fighting the winter blues with the light of Jesus. Use these five tips and track how you grow daily with each one!

  3. 14 prayer prompt cards to help you focus on praying to the Light in the midst of whatever darkness you face now or in the future.

  4. Your item to enjoy? That’s staying a surprise for you to enjoy when you open up your box!

  5. Plus, of course, your online resources for the month!


Happy unearthing friend, and I’ll talk to you next month!