Want to go beyond reading the Christmas story this holiday?

The Word Became Flesh will guide you to refresh your faith with 31 days of Scripture, prayer, reflection and pro tips on spending time with God!

Word Became Flesh Devotional
Are you worried there’s no new way to spiritually grow this Christmas season?

I get it. We’re all more than familiar with the Bible verses about Jesus in a manger.

And I don’t know about you, but sometimes I look at the Christmas season and resign myself to the fact that I might not really grow spiritually this year. Why? Because

I want something new

I’m tired of reading the same Scripture each year about Jesus’ birth (and I’m tired of feeling guilty for that!).

Things are so busy

Life is busy with the holidays approaching, so I don’t have time to research new Bible studies.

I don’t know where to look

I don’t really know where to start to find some refreshment this Christmas season, and I’m afraid I just won’t do it at all if I’m left to do it on my own.

Sound familiar at all?

If you’re anything like me, you want to believe there’s always something new to learn about the Christmas story, but you’re fighting the feeling that maybe this year will come and go without any real spiritual growth.

But there is a way to spiritually flourish this Christmas season! Get The Word Became Flesh: December Daily Devotional so you can start preparing your heart today for Christmas in a new way!

This devotional is the ultimate PDF guide to help you fall more in love with God this Christmas by preparing your heart through 31 different Bible passages and reflection paragraphs! Plus two, FREE bonus printables containing pro tips on making the most of your Scripture and prayer time!

Word Became Flesh Devotional

Here’s what you’ll get inside this devotional:​

  • 31 days of different Scripture that cover more than just Jesus in a manger.
  • Inspirational reflection paragraphs so you can spend time praying through each passage.
  • Quick yet focused daily PDF devotions so you’re not tempted to skip your God time during the busy holidays.
  • An affordable, month-long devotional so you don’t have to justify spending too much on yourself when you’re already buying Christmas gifts.
  • The ability to actually grow spiritually and not just go through the motions!
  • *Bonus!* 2 extra, FREE printables that include step-by-step guides for making the most of your time with God in Scripture and prayer!
The Word Became Flesh Devotional Review

It gets even better! When you purchase The Word Became Flesh: December Daily Devotional, you’ll also get exclusive access to these AMAZING bonuses!

My Daily Prayer Time

Word Became Flesh Devotional Bonus 1

Beautifully-organized PDF bonus to help you pray through your time in Scripture!

  • Organized space to write what Scripture you are reading so you know what you’re praying through each day.
  • Different topics providing you with ideas on what to pray about as you read the Scripture passage.
  • Functional spaces to write your personal prayer and any extra prayer requests.

Tips for Learning How to Find Time with God

Word Became Flesh Devotional Bonus 2

12 fantastic tips in PDF form all about how to help you find time with God in the midst of the busy!

  • Gain practical tips for spending time with God each day.
  • Grow more confident in spending time with God as you read each explanation provided.
  • Learn how to effectively have a quiet time with God despite your busy schedule.

Emily Saxe head shot

Hello, Friend!

I’m Emily Saxe

Founder of The Everyday Faith Company and this devotional.

I have been leading Bible studies and small groups since 2010, and writing and editing since 2013.​

With two kids, a home to keep and a business to run, I understand what it’s like to desire joy in my ordinary routine. And, in His grace, God reminded me of something: If I don’t make time for Him, then I’ll never truly experience His joy. He also reminded me of how He’s right here, waiting for me to turn my eyes to Him and invite Him into every ordinary moment of my day!​

And that’s why I started The Everyday Faith Company and create products like this devotional.​

My mission is to help you unearth the truth of God’s exceptional in your ordinary, busy life. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but we’ll learn together just how amazing our God is as He continues to use ALL things for His great purpose.​

Don’t waste another minute not growing in Christ this holiday season.