Learn how to find time with God despite your busy schedule with this

Free, Two-Week Devotional

Seeking God in the Midst of Busy: A PDF study of 1&2 Thessalonians geared to help you stop compromising your daily Jesus time.

Seeking God in the Midst of Busy

Here’s what you’ll get inside this FREE PDF 2-week devotional:​

  • 12 days of guided study through 1 & 2 Thessalonians for the busy woman.​
  • Discover how to make daily time with God (no matter how busy you are!) through tips presented at the start of each day.​
  • Learn the historical context surrounding each passage of Scripture you read.​
  • Challenge yourself to grow in faith through daily reflection questions. ​
  • Print out this journal and form your plan for making your daily relationship with God a priority!
Seeking God in the Midst of Busy Devotional
Seeking God in the Midst of Busy Devotional Download
Free Seeking God in the Midst of Busy Devotional
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Hello, Friend!

I’m Emily Saxe

Founder of The Everyday Faith Company and this devotional.

I have been leading Bible studies and small groups since 2010, and writing and editing since 2013.​

With two kids, a home to keep and a business to run, I understand what it’s like to desire joy in my ordinary routine. And, in His grace, God reminded me of something: If I don’t make time for Him, then I’ll never truly experience His joy. He also reminded me of how He’s right here, waiting for me to turn my eyes to Him and invite Him into every ordinary moment of my day!​

And that’s why I started The Everyday Faith Company and create free products like this devotional.​

My mission is to help you unearth the truth of God’s exceptional in your ordinary, busy life. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but we’ll learn together just how amazing our God is as He continues to use ALL things for His great purpose.​

Don’t waste another minute believing the lie that you don’t have time for God each day.