Walking In Light: 7-Day Devotional – PDF


This devotional walks you through different Scripture passages about Jesus being our light, giving you space to remember every day that Jesus is your purpose and joy!



Are you ready to fight the everyday winter darkness and blues by digging into what it means that Jesus is our light?

If we daily look for His light — our true source of joy, guidance and protection — then we’ll experience a joy in the midst of our everyday, and in the midst of our darkness. Whether or not you’re going through a time of emotional or spiritual darkness, there’s always a way to grow closer to Christ in each season.

This 7-day devotional will take you through different Scripture passages that describe how Jesus is not just our light, but He is THE light. Study with me and learn more about His light that brings you peace and joy in your everyday.


What you’ll receive:

A PDF link giving you access to this devotional so you can download, save and/or print it.

Dimensions for printing: 5x7in


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