Prayers for Your Ordinary: 7-Day Prayer Devotional – PDF


Discover where your routine meets God’s extraordinary through this 7-day prayer devotional that uses everyday scenarios as prayer opportunities!



Do you desire to step away from culture telling you an ordinary life is a boring one?

No matter what stage of life you find yourself in right now, God has something exceptional for you. It might not look like anything society considers exceptional, but God is not limited by our standards. Are you ready to seek out His extraordinary for your mundane?

I created this prayer devotional with the desire to help women put into practice praying without ceasing. While it’s pretty much impossible to actually pray nonstop, we do have the opportunity to invite God into each aspect of our mundane through prayer.

Each prayer prompt sets you in the middle of a normal activity most of us encounter quite often. It then allows you to explore how God might work in the midst of that ordinary through prayer and personal reflection.

May you challenge yourself to put these prayers into practice. May you find God’s exceptional in your ordinary.

What you’ll receive:

A PDF link giving you access to this prayer devotional so you can download, save and/or print it.

Dimensions for printing: 5x7in


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