Glimpses of Glory: 7-Day Devotional – PDF


Dig into Isaiah 40:21-31 within this 7-day devotional and find joy, hope, and strength in the truth of who God is and how He truly doesn’t leave us on our own with nothing ever changing! Are you ready to catch glimpses of God’s glory? Then let’s begin.



Do you desire to see more of God in the midst of your everyday?

This one-week devotional takes you through Isaiah 40:21-31, where you will discover how different characteristics of God seen in this passage reveal God’s glory. But more than that, you’ll learn how God reveals Himself and His glory to you right in the midst of your everyday!

Each day of study contains Scripture to read and reflection questions to help guide you as you study God’s Word.

What you’ll receive:

A PDF link giving you access to this prayer devotional so you can download, save and/or print it.

Dimensions for printing: 5x7in


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