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  • 10 Questions to Ask While Reading Your Bible Bookmark

    10 Questions to Ask While Reading Your Bible Bookmark


    On this 10 Questions to Ask While Reading Your Bible Bookmark, you receive a Scripture question guide applicable to ANY time you sit down and read your Bible. These 10 questions help you dig beyond the surface of skim reading.

  • Combating Lies Cards

    Combating Lies Notecards – PDF


    With this pack of 20 PDF notecards, you’ll receive five common lies we women believe followed by five Scripture verses to combat those lies. Then, you’ll notice you have designed cards with the lies and the Scripture blank, allowing you to fill in your own personal lies and giving you the opportunity to find Scripture on your own to fight those lies.

  • PDF Study Tracker

    Study Tracker – PDF


    This PDF study tracker will help you form the discipline of a daily time with God no matter how busy you are! There are 12 tips for you to soak in and apply to your busy, tips to help you learn how to find time with God. Each tip provides you with space to track if you’ve tried out the tip for that week, what you liked and what you want to change about your routine based on that tip.

  • Unearthing Everyday Faith 52-Week PDF Journal

    Unearthing Everyday Faith 52-Week Journal – PDF


    This 52-week journal is aimed at helping you see God at work right in the midst of your everyday. He’s right there, providing you with glimpses of His glory, and this journal will help you see those moments and worship Him in the midst of each one!