Discover how God uses your daily life for His glory!

This Bible study PLUS BONUSES will reveal how Jesus calls you by name – no matter how ordinary you feel!

Tired of seeing how God works in the lives of others but seems silent in your own life?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You notice God working in the lives of others and wonder why He doesn’t do the same in your own life.
  • There’s a desire for God to use you, yet you’re pretty sure your daily life isn’t something He could actually use.
  • Reading about the exceptional people in the Bible doing exceptional things for God, you think, I’ll never make a difference like that.
  • You want to know your daily life holds purpose.

Friend, it’s time to stop believing the lie that you can’t accomplish anything exceptional for God. Take a look at the video below​ for a sneak peak of how!



“He Calls Us by Name” uniquely explores Mary Magdalene’s life and reclaims her honor using Scripture as well as historical facts in order to not only discover the truth of her story, but also realize the deep love Jesus has for us and the freedom we can find in Him when He calls us by name.

Join me in opening these pages to Mary’s past as we learn how to change our future and even our present. Each week of this four-week study includes five days of Scripture to read, questions to answer and thoughts upon which to reflect. You’ll read through guided study and then pick up your pen as you allow the Holy Spirit to direct your thoughts as you write out answers and reflection and prayers.

Are you ready? Ready to hear Jesus call you by name and take a stand for your faith? Open “He Calls Us by Name” and learn how one woman’s story can challenge and encourage us all to be used by God and know our worth as we serve Him and love Him daily.

It’s not about doing something exceptional. It’s about remaining faithful.

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