God's truth prevails: Why we don't need to fear our accuser the everyday faith company

God’s Truth Prevails: Why We Don’t Need to Fear Our Accuser

The accuser. We’re all familiar with him. He whispers lies that sound appealing. So appealing that we reach for that fruit even though in our hearts, we know better.

But the moment our hand extends toward sin, the beauty and mystery of our accuser turns horrid and ghastly. His once-melodious voice now sounds our death sentence. For we have sinned. And we stand naked before him.

God's truth prevails: Why we don't need to fear our accuser the everyday faith company

Earthly consequences

It seems unfair at times that we must continue fighting our sin nature as we live out our earthly days. It doesn’t matter if we’ve been a strong follower of Christ for 50 years or are still riding the high of a new believer. We all struggle to choose God over our sinful flesh.

But for whatever reason, God, in His perfect omniscience, has chosen to not transform our bodies until Christ’s return. And so we continue to seek the Holy Spirit, and we continue to trust that God’s truth prevails even in our darkest moments.

That truth reminds us that no matter our sin, if we have been washed in the blood of the Lamb, Satan cannot prove us worthy of eternal death. He holds no power over our souls (John 10:28-30).

Which is beautiful when we think about eternity. But what about while on earth? Our sins have earthly consequences even if we are covered in Jesus’ blood. And our accuser wants that sin to catch up with us. To live with us daily. To remind us our sin was the reason Jesus hung on the cross.

But God’s truth prevails not only for our resurrected bodies, but also for our flesh and blood bodies. Satan can prove nothing when we stand him next to that truth.

Truth prevails in history and today

Since the beginning of time, Satan has been attempting to trap godly men and women in evil. Many times he goes so far as to recruit others to spread lies and hatred against us. He does all he can to silence and discourage those of us spreading truth.

Acts 25 reveals one such example. The Jews, full of hatred for Paul, lobbed false accusations and serious charges in order to get him killed. But they could not prove any of their words. Satan also moved in the hearts of those accusing Jesus. Once again, the false evidence brought forward did no good. Obviously, God’s plan for our redemption brought Jesus to the cross anyway. But we know His trial was based completely off of lies, deceit and apathy (Matthew 26:59-60, Luke 23:1-24).

While Satan’s lies today don’t always include trials before hundreds of men or death as an outcome, we still face them on a daily basis. He tells us the sin of our past will catch up with us, leaving us unloved and untrusted. He reminds us of our desire for sin, accusing us of not truly wanting to follow God. He entices others to proclaim our own sins publicly, leaving us wondering if their accusations hold any truth.

Dear friend, know these truly all are lies. Yes, our sin holds consequences. But those consequences do not define you. Satan cannot prove any evil against you. God’s truth prevails.

Holding fast to God’s truth

There are many responses we choose when our accuser comes calling. Sometimes we choose fear. Other times shame. And still other times anger at ourselves or anyone else involved.

But what if we chose freedom instead? God’s truth prevails whether we believe it or not, so let’s begin living in light of that and holding fast to God’s truth.

We can do so in a few different ways:

1.Write out Scripture that proves God’s truth over Satan’s lies.

Self-help/self-love mantras will not help you. That line of thinking only promotes self instead of promoting God. Choose God’s word every time you hear the accuser plotting against you. Scripture is God-breathed and will point you toward the truth that prevails (2 Timothy 3:16). Write it out to ensure you think deeply about what God says about you.

2. Seek Godly counseling.

While talking to our spouse, best friend or parent is absolutely needed when struggling to believe God’s truth over Satan’s lies, sometimes we need a fresh perspective. It’s easy to tune-out loved ones — even if they are giving wise counsel — because we’re used to their way of thinking. Going to Christian counseling provides a way for you to hear Scripture-based truth from someone who is trained to help you. Plus, it’s helpful to hear an unbiased opinion.

3.Verbally tell Satan he holds no power over you.

God is on your side. If you are redeemed, then Jesus has taken every sin belonging to you and removed the curse of death. Removed your shame and your guilt. He stands beside the Father, declaring you perfect.

When the accuser presents himself to you, causing fear that evil might just win this time, tell him you choose truth and tell him it’s time to leave. This isn’t about spiritual warfare superstition, but there is power in using the Name of Jesus for His glory.

The next time you find yourself watching the accuser attempting to trap you in your sin, choose to believe God’s truth prevails. You needn’t fear Satan will one-up God and find you guilty.

For you are redeemed. You are free.

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