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  • In the Midst of Busy Box

    In the Midst of Busy Box


    In this box, we will dive into how we can not only find time with God, but how we can thrive in the midst of the busy. (Hint: Having eyes to see God means we can grow more in love with Him no matter how busy we are!)

  • The Daily Obedience Box

    The Daily Obedience Box


    This box theme will focus on the importance of daily obedience. While that sounds like a simple topic, it’s far too easy to get caught up in doing our thing on our timeline in our own way. We forget God has a purpose for us each and every day. The resources in this box will help us remember to seek God in obedience daily, providing us with eyes to see glimpses of God’s glory as we walk in obedience.

  • The Rekindled Box

    The Rekindled Box


    What happens when you simply don’t feel like seeking God daily? This box is going to help you rekindle your fire for Jesus during those seasons when it feels like the flame is small and unattended. We’ll look at the ordinary ways to rekindle our joy for Jesus in the daily grind in a way that won’t produce guilt for those dry seasons. We know we want to seek Jesus, but sometimes we need a bit of help poking and prodding at that flame to get it roaring again!

  • The Scripture Box

    The Scripture Box


    This box is packed with resources to help you dig into Scripture along with tools to know what to do throughout your day to apply God’s Word. Having a quality Bible time is wonderful, but how do you take what you’ve learned and allow it to change your daily life?